LTC Title42 483

Title 42 -- Public Health 

Chapter IV -- Health Care Financing Administration, Department of Health and Human Services

Part 483 -- Requirements for States and Long-Term Care Facilities

PDF483.1 Basis and scope.
PDF483.5 Definitions.
PDF483.10 Resident rights.
PDF483.12 Admission, transfer and discharge rights.
PDF483.13 Resident behavior and facility practices.
PDF483.15 Quality of life.
PDF483.20 Resident assessment.
PDF483.25 Quality of care.
PDF483.30 Nursing services.
PDF483.35 Dietary services.
PDF483.40 Physician services.
PDF483.45 Specialized rehabilitative services.
PDF483.55 Dental services.
PDF483.60 Pharmacy services.
PDF483.65 Infection control.
PDF483.70 Physical environment.
PDF483.75 Administration.
PDF483.100 Basis.
PDF483.102 Applicability and definitions.
PDF483.104 State plan requirement.
PDF483.106 Basic rule.
PDF483.108 Relationship of PASARR to other Medicaid processes.
PDF483.110 Out-of-State arrangements.
PDF483.112 Preadmission screening of applicants for admission to NFs.
PDF483.114 Annual review of NF residents.
PDF483.116 Residents and applicants determined to require NF level of services.
PDF483.118 Residents and applicants determined not to require NF level of services.
PDF483.120 Specialized services.
PDF483.122 FFP for NF services.
PDF483.124 FFP for specialized services.
PDF483.126 Appropriate placement.
PDF483.128 PASARR evaluation criteria.
PDF483.130 PASARR determination criteria.
PDF483.132 Evaluating the need for NF services and NF level of care (PASARR/NF).
PDF483.134 Evaluating whether an individual with mental illness requires specialized services (PASARR/MI).
PDF483.136 Evaluating whether an individual with mental retardation requires specialized services (PASARR/MR).
PDF483.138 Maintenance of services and availability of FFP.
PDF483.150 Statutory basis; Deemed meeting or waiver of requirements.
PDF483.151 State review and approval of nurse aide training and competency evaluation programs and competency evaluation programs.
PDF483.152 Requirements for approval of a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program.
PDF483.154 Nurse aide competency evaluation.
PDF483.156 Registry of nurse aides.
PDF483.158 FFP for nurse aide training and competency evaluation.
PDF483.200 Statutory basis.
PDF483.202 Definitions.
PDF483.204 Provision of a hearing and appeal system.
PDF483.206 Transfers, discharges and relocations subject to appeal.
PDF483.315 Specification of resident assessment instrument.
PDF483.400 Basis and purpose.
PDF483.405 Relationship to other HHS regulations.
PDF483.410 Condition of participation: Governing body and management.
PDF483.420 Condition of participation: Client protections.
PDF483.430 Condition of participation: Facility staffing.
PDF483.440 Condition of participation: Active treatment services.
PDF483.450 Condition of participation: Client behavior and facility practices.
PDF483.460 Condition of participation: Health care services.
PDF483.470 Condition of participation: Physical environment.
PDF483.480 Condition of participation: Dietetic services.
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